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What is an Optimum Metabolism Plate and How do I build one?

By rachel mansi on June 22, 2017

 Did you know how you build your plate actually affects your metabolism?

Weight loss and maintenance are a couple of the biggest issues in our culture today.  What if the hardship isn’t about how much will power you have, or whether you’re eating the most superfoods, eating the most lean, or getting the most exercise?  We know that your metabolism plays an important role, but what if I told you that it has everything to do with the hormonal harmony within your body?  What if I told you it is an imbalance in your hormones that is causing weight fluctuation, weight loss resistance, and weight regain?

“FIT TIP:  Your metabolism IS your hormones; your hormones ARE your metabolism.  They are one in the same.”

Well, I have good news, the fix is not hard; in fact, it can be achieved simply by putting your meals together more strategically!  I am going to teach you how to create a couple different plates for optimum metabolism.  These plates are designed to balance hormones.  When, and only when, you get your hormones back into balance is your metabolism then capable of burning stubborn fat, or preventing fat storage in the first place!

There is SO much info behind this simple idea, about which I will go much deeper into soon, but for now, here are some plates to look at:

First, there are some things that go into how a plate affects your metabolism.  One of which we touched on, hormonal balance or imbalance, and the other is energy output, or exercise.  I also need you to let go of some common ideas that are floating through the nutrition and fitness industries:

  1.  Calorie deficit is damaging to your metabolism.  This is a half truth and I will teach you how to use calorie deficit as a metabolism balancer, but avoid it as a metabolism damager.
  2. In order to boost your metabolism you need 5-6 small meals a day.  Again, this is a half truth and is directly related to how much energy you spend in a day.  I will teach you when to eat 5-6 meals a day, when to eat 4 meals a day and when to eat 3 meals a day based on your activity level.
  3. Your metabolism is either fast or slow.  Again, another half truth!  The reality is that your metabolism is BOTH!  It changes day by day, sometimes hour by hour!  It is affected by your hormones and activity level.  I will teach you how to recognize imbalances in your hormones and how to bring them back to balance in order to bring a decreased metabolic rate back to an increased metabolic rate.  However, understand your weight battle is not a result of an hour or two, or even a day or two of decreased metabolic rate.  It is a result of a lifestyle that sustains a decreased metabolic rate.


That is enough for now.  Let’s start by putting you into one of two groups: a Roic or a Bru.

roic: building babe

You are an avid workout partaker; more of an athlete if you will.  You train daily, or 5-6 times per week, doing a combination of weight training and cardiovascular activities.

bru: burning babe

You are more of a euro style workout partaker.  You prefer walking, leisurely bike rides, day hikes, etc.  You might do 2-3 light muscle strengthening exercises per week.

Here are your roic plates:

Eat when you are hungry!  This changes day by day.  Remember the Growl of Ghrelin rule?  Wait for that very clear sign of hunger promoted by your hormone, Ghrelin, that comes with a tummy rumble.  These plates aid your testosterone and human growth hormones in building + toning muscles by feeding your body as you maintain high intensity workouts.  Drink lots of water!

Here are your bru plates:

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Less meals give your body time to rest and rebalance your insulin hormone, while walking daily, with a few light weight sessions sprinkled throughout the week, help your cortisol, human growth and testosterone hormones burn fat.  Drink lots of water!

So how do you know if you’ve regained balance?

  1. You have solid energy. | “3 o’clock lull?  Not today sir, NOT TODAY!”
  2. You have curbed and controlled hunger. | “Is it lunch time already?  I was blasting through my tasks with all my extra energy!”
  3. You have power over cravings. | “Donut, I see you.  And I own you.  Not the other way around.  Let’s talk another day.” ::walk away whilst your hips sway::
  4. You are losing inches; NOT WEIGHT…INCHES. | “Why hello hourglass figure–pray tell, where have you been?!”

“FIT TIP:  No. 4 doesn’t occur until No’s. 1-3 are achieved.”

One last tidbit to watch for:

It might take about 4 days to feel the balance, and then, depending on you, your life, your hormonal strengths/weaknesses, you may feel the balance up until 7 days, maybe 10 days, or even 14 days.  As soon as you feel one of those four items above stop or revert, it’s time to switch it up!  So simply switch places: if you are a bru, become a roic for a week, and if you are a roic, rest as a bru for a week!

Girl, (or Bro; because this is how the male bod works too…)

I hope you enjoyed this information.  I have SUCH exciting products coming your way to help you regain your body, balance, and freedom in health once and for all!  Keep in touch by following us on Insta, Twitter and FB.