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Our unorthodox approach to nutrition is the byproduct of 10 years, and counting, of scientific research, trial and error. We have studied the biological makeup of our bodies and metabolisms. The conflicting information we have found regarding the complexities of our bodies, is painstaking. We are passionate about making nutrition simple again. Our Smart Burn Nutrition Method teaches you how to understand your food from a biological standpoint in the most simplistic way. (You eat this, it does this, so you do this when you eat it.)

It’s like stealing candy from a baby.


We provide many different meal strategies depending on what you want to accomplish.  We are forever building more and more as our community grows.  Our meal strategies go hand in hand with the Smart Burn Nutrition Method.  They are designed to build your daily menu in a way that keeps your body burning fat, instead of storing fat.  We have assessed food at a scientific level in order to build strategies conducive to fat-burning, metabolism recovery, metabolism balancing, and more.  The incredibly exciting thing about them is, no food is off the table (Pun 100% intended)!  We don’t believe in restrictive diets or rigid meal plans, simply because they usually end with a hot fall off the wagon.  We are more concerned with how to equip you in a new lifestyle approach to nutrition where there is no wagon to fall off of!  We can do this by understanding the cause and effect of the food we eat so that we can control when and for how long we burn fat.  Weight loss and weight maintenance become a natural occurrence with our Method.

Say no to the Yoyo!


A crucial part to our Method is exercise.  However, our approach is VERY DIFFERENT from the mainstream.  Coming from a couple gals who used to kill themselves in the gym for hours every day of the week, we were stumped as to why we were seeing little to no results.  Not just no results, but DWINDLING results!  Our bodies seemed to be moving backwards unless we continued to push harder both nutritionally AND physically.  This was no way to live.   After intricately studying our metabolism, we found that the reason we not only hit plateaus, but also profound, unstoppable backsliding, was due to damaged metabolisms!  The answer to our problem was dumbfounding; it was so incredibly simple, and highly effective – but it called for intelligent strategizing.  Hence, why we call it the Smart Burn Method.  We provide you with a FREE online Fitness Studio where we post 30-minute daily workouts!  We incorporate HIIT, Resistance, Low Intensity Steady State and Recovery Training.  Everything you need to keep your body on it’s toes.  BUT when you purchase the Roic + Bru Method, you become a ForeverMember, which gives you forever access to our community Challenges and Strategies that strategically incorporate nutrition AND fitness to help you see results and feel the FREEDOM!

C’mon! Get it Girl!

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Well it just makes sense to celebrate your new Lifestyle with a new dud, or two, for the wardrobe, doesn’t it? When you purchase the Silver, Gold or Iron Kits below, you will receive a featured item from our boutique, as well as some other perks that will give you everything you need to get you pumped for your new season of Excellence!

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For the woman who has tried everything but can’t lose weight, fluctuates consistently in weight, gains weight easily, or works really hard to see very little results, the Metabolism Balancing Cycle is for you!  Good news, your weight battle is NOT YOUR FAULT!  You are battling the thousands of metabolic processes that are going on in your body every second of every day, and processes that are firing with all the wrong ammunition; imbalanced hormones.  Our cycle focuses on strategically approaching your broken and exhausted hormonal state to regain balance and promote the proper message to your body that you are not dying and therefore no longer need to hold onto excess fat.  Once this is achieved, excess weight begins to shed, dieting is no longer needed, and maintenance is attained through our Smart Burn Nutrition Method.

Ain’t nobody got time for metabolic games!


Sometimes you just need a little help along the way!  Owner and Founder, Rachel Mansi is passionate about women finding success.  With something such as health, every woman being completely different, there is no “One Size Fits All” approach.  Therefore, more tailored approaches with close coaching is needed to find your perfect health, fitness and nutrition sweet spot.

Say “Hello!” to results and “Sayonara!” to failure, we got this, Girl!

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