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By rachel mansi on January 9, 2017


Today is the day to let your body rest and recover.  Now that DOES NOT mean you sit on the couch for a Drop Dead Diva Marathon, it just means you don’t do any sort of high intensity workout.  Get out and go for a walk with girlfriends, take your kids to the park, go for a hike with your Bae, or clean your house like you are Superwoman!  (Because we know you ARE!)


We want you to spend some time tending to your beautiful muscles!  You ripped them all week long, so in order to get the best out of all that hard work, you want those muscles to rebuild.  Here are a few options, you may do one or all of them:

Take a nice warm Epsom salt bath

Take 20 minutes to stretch

Take another 20 minutes to foam roll (there are some great foam rolling tutorials online!)


Ok, Girl, you don’t need us to tell you how important your nutrition is, but something to keep in mind on your recovery day is to eat lots of clean protein, meaning Grass Fed meat + dairy, and tons of hydrating fruits and veggies!  Just think, “Color!”  Finally, the most important thing you can do to recover is drink water like it’s your JOB!  Girlfriend, sip the ENTIRE day!  Don’t let that bottle out of your sight!  We can’t stress how important water is for every single system and process happening in your body.  It will aid in rebuilding your muscles, help your body burn stored fat, and cleanse you.  Think about it like it’s the oil to a rusty joint.


Get your sleep in, Girl!  Make sure you catch those “Zzzz’s” at a good hour tonight!  Start your week off with a full 8 hours!