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R I S E + S H I N E | Why I eat what I do, when I do.

By rachel mansi on June 2, 2018


I realize that some, ok maybe MOST, people don’t care about the science behind how our bodies process and utilize food. I realize that if you follow Roic + Bru at all that my food and workout jargon might be confusing, overwhelming, or lacking in “why you should give a rip”. So here is a little post just for you; because the Roic + Bru Method was designed to be simple and easily implemented.

I posted my breakfast this morning on IG entitled “Rise + Shine“. Also pictured here in this post.

I mentioned that this is a Level 4 Meal, and there was a very specific reason why I’ve been starting my days with this meal all week long. Here is my explanation for what this meal does for my body, and why I needed it.

1. Let’s Talk Body

First, I know you may not be interested in the “sciency stuff”, but take a moment to read this as it’s important for understanding the simple stuff. Our bodies use food for fuel. When there is more “fuel” than what is needed, our bodies store the excess as far. Not only does this create and enlarge fat cells, but it sets off a chain of hormonal reactions that, if left unchecked, creates major imbalances.

These imbalances lead to just about every ailment one might think of when it comes to our beautiful female body: hair loss, skin issues (acne, eczema, rosacea, etc.), low energy, low libido, cravings, out of control hunger, foggy headedness, poor or painful menstrual cycles, weight loss resistance, weight fluctuation, constipation, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, PCOS, diabetes, and more.

Have you experienced any, or multiple, of these symptoms? I’m sure you have! Have they become your new normal? Did you know they all mark hormonal imbalances? Did you know they are easily fixable? This is the heart of the Roic + Bru Method. Weight loss isn’t our main focus; weight gain and weight loss resistance are merely symptoms of a root issue that is hormonal, metabolic and endocrine imbalances.

2. What is a Level 4 Meal and what does it do?

Our Method incorporates four different levels of meals; each one has a different metabolic effect, and focuses on a different source of fuel.

Level 1 (Gold Plate): Protein + Veggies/Fruit

Level 2 (Silver Plate): Protein + Veggies/Fruit + Fat

Level 3 (Bronze Plate): Protein + Veggies/Fruit + Carbs

Level 4 (Iron Plate): Protein + Veggies/Fruit + Fat + Carbs

This meal in question is a Level 4 meal:

Protein Butter Coffee and Oats with Flax Seed.

It has protein, fat, and carbs. To complete this meal I added a piece of fruit! Ok but WHY?

3. Why my body needed it.

Being a new mother, my body has been through the ringer and is currently battling wacky hormones, sleep deprivation, and a new type of overall stress which I’ve never experienced before – a little human whom I love so much it hurts. If I went on without helping my body find its balance again (which has happened before and why I founded the Roic + Bru Method to begin with), I’d face low thyroid levels, weight gain, insulin resistance, acne, an unregulated cycle, poor elimination, and digestion issues. Furthermore, last night we went out to dinner and shared a sourdough bread bowl. Which I ate along with two grilled fish tacos. In other words, carb overload. Yup! And I enjoyed every bite of it! But this scenario flirts with a hormone train wreck.

“My goal is to balance my hormones!”

Plain and simple. With a balanced hormonal atmosphere in my body, I nurture a revving metabolism, radiant skin, strong immune system, effortless digestion, and so much more. With that, here is why I’ve started my day with Level 4:

  1. Nurture My Adrenals: Protein Butter Coffee, when drunken with my Oats (not on an empty stomach), gives my body a good source of protein, healthy fats, and prevents the stress inducing effects of caffeine. This helps me keep my adrenals from over working, as they are already stressed from #momlife, and I want to get them back to full strength.
  2. Load Up On Good Fat: Like I mentioned, last night we had a delicious carb heavy dinner. By choosing to add fat the next meal, I not only slow down the effect of the caffeine in my cappuccino to help protect my adrenal glands, but I also slow down the release of glucose from the oats to recover from my carbacious (totally made that word up) dinner last night. Furthermore, when you eat a carb heavy meal your body may find itself craving more carbs/sugar afterward due to causing a condition called hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels). When this occurs your blood sugar spikes, causing insulin to burst forth, saving the day! In its heroic efforts, insulin overcompensates by removing TOO MUCH sugar from your blood, then causing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which in turn causes a spike in cravings for sugar in order to restore blood sugar levels. Good fats help soften the blow by giving your body a source of fuel that takes longer to breakdown, curbing cravings, and is gentle on your blood sugar, giving insulin a much needed rest.
  3. Support Elimination: When you over load on carbs your body goes through a couple strenuous activities; it works overtime to get the glucose from your meal out of your blood stream, which asks a lot from your pancreas and liver. When your liver has to spend all its energy on filtering glucose, it has less energy to eliminate excess hormones from your body, which causes hormone imbalances. The goal when you over load on carbs is to get the glucose moved and used as quickly as possible so that your body can eliminate waste properly and avoid hormone imbalances. By eating oats and flaxseed I am both prepping my body for a good workout that will help use the glucose, while also encouraging a quick transit time for any waste buildup that resulted from my splurge.

With these three points hit, my hormones will then be able to go back to balance, blood sugar levels will stabilize, and my muscles and tissues will be well fueled. No emergency lock down measure will be needed (aka no fat storing), which sets me up for a day of burning, utilizing, and slaying food!There you have it! That is what my meal did for my body and why my body needed it! Our Method teaches you how to understand your body and food to this magnitude so you can live a life of freedom by playing the cause and effect of your food. While there are boundaries to the Method, they are far and wide in order to provide much freedom and sustained results. Find out more about our Method!With Love,