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The Bespoke Process

By rachel mansi on March 28, 2017



/beh’spoke/ adj. made to order

NO. 1 | Assess the Sitch’

We will set up a phone consultation with Dani Rhodes for a personal nutritional assessment, in which you will have every metabolic system in your body thoroughly assessed for imbalances that might be occurring. Every system must be balanced so that diet and exercise habits can work properly for the body and one can maintain weight. With one or more imbalances woman come under what is called ‘weight loss resistance’ a miserable condition in which every diet and exercise routine fails to exhibit any real weight loss. Once the metabolic imbalances are identified and restored using personalized nutrition and supplemental protocols put into affect by Dani, then normal diet and exercise allow for the body to return to a healthy weight without the common resistance. You will be asked to give a thorough health history, family history, and answer a series of questions during her assessment. Upon completing the assessment, Dani will make recommendations that are suited to your body’s unique and specific needs.  After you discuss a plan for recalibrating your body with Dani, you will hop on a call with Rachel Mansi to talk goals!  She will be getting nitty and gritty with you in order to build the perfect approach strategy for success!  Be prepared to get into everything from your biological stature to body goals, heart goals and mind goals.  The more we know, the better we can help you conquer this new Lifestyle.

NO. 2 | Build the Plan

After the phone call and nutrition assessment, we will get to work, taking everything we now know about you, and start tailoring small steps for you to accomplish.  You know what they say about how to eat and elephant; one bite at a time, and that is exactly how we will approach conquering your new lifestyle!

NO. 3 | Implement the Plan

Our second call is set up to go over your Bespoke Strategy and workouts.  The goal is to make it so close to your natural tendencies and schedule that the switch over to this new lifestyle fits like a Dior coat.  Will there be changes?  Of course!  You can’t repeat bad habits expecting new results, right?  However, the changes will be small and doable, with plenty of grace built in.

NO. 4 | Check In

We will set up a few short follow up calls to check in for the purpose of making any necessary changes, as well as, address any questions or concerns you might have.  We are passionate about rooting you in this lifestyle so that you can freely grow!

We only take on a limited number of clients each month!  Book your Bespoke Process today!

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