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Our Key to Diet Free Living

By rachel mansi on July 10, 2018

Hi There!

We are all familiar with the “Diet Wagon”. You hop on with fervency and hope, you go strong until Life throws something you weren’t expecting your way, and then, “Wham!” Off the wagon you go. Well, we here at Roic + Bru hate that ride! We are on a different journey, a diet-free journey that indulges in ALL food, and promotes new body confidence found in living a balanced and healthy life. No starving, no food banishment, no exasperating fitness regimens, and no more practicing body obsessive thinking. It’s time to let go of it all! While we want to talk you through exactly what that new journey looks like step-by-step, we only have a few moments today, and we are dedicating it to our key to diet-free living, something we call: cause and effect.

In a post on my personal Instagram, I mentioned having a few homemade croissants. I LOVE croissants, and indulge in them often. Most diets, and even the more socially accepted counterpart, “healthy lifestyle plans”, say to steer clear of such treats if you want to stay lean and mean; too many carbs, too much fat, and way too many calories. To some degree, this line of thinking is true. However, we have found a way to eat what we love (like croissants) regularly, and yet stay consistently, happy, healthy, and trim.

Pictured above is a shot I took the morning after my croissant binge. Prior to the Roic + Bru Method I would have seen a bloated tummy the morning after, and would have craved more carbs from the blood sugar roller coaster it would normally put me on.

However, our Method’s Cause and Effect principle came to the rescue! By understanding the cause and effect the croissants have on my body, I could then act accordingly to reduce the typical negative effects.

To understand the cause and effect, you must first understand your food.

Subject A: Croissant

Composition: Carbohydrates, fat, sodium, fiber, and protein

Metabolic and Biochemical Cause + Effect: ???

What does a croissant do in your body at a metabolic and biochemical level?

C A U S E S :

  • Blood sugar rises as croissant’s components enter the blood stream
  • Pancreas secretes insulin
  • Insulin carries glucose from blood to cells, tissues and organs.
  • Hunger hormones stop sending hunger messages as your body registers the calories
  • Cells taste the carbs and fat and send messages to your fat cells to hold onto stored energy since there is plenty of energy on its way.
  • Dopamine levels rise with the intake of carbs.

E F F E C T S :

  • Once cells have had their fill of needed energy, they resist insulin and insulin carries any excess glucose to adipose fat tissue
  • Due to the fat content of the croissant, blood glucose levels don’t spike, as it causes digestion to slow down, releasing glucose into the blood at a slower rate.
  • Any excess energy produced from the fat content is most likely taken to your adipose fat tissue.
  • Muscles and brain are well fed by the macros in the croissant, and are given what they need to build and repair more muscle tissue.

Now, some of these causes and effects doesn’t sound super rewarding, like insulin carrying excess glucose to your fat tissue. However, by knowing the cause and effect of eating a croissant I can do things to combat the negative effects.

My Carb Overload Comeback Protocol

  1. Take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar immediately after this meal, and before the next few meals. This helps calm blood sugar.
  2. Take a probiotic. This helps aide your gut in digesting the croissant.
  3. Take a walk. Doing some sort of movement helps your body make room for all that extra energy you consumed by burning up any stored fuel. A walk is perfect as it will not secrete any stress hormones allowing your body to burn more readily.
  4. Follow up your croissant meal with strategic meals. You will want to give your blood sugar rest from the carb overload and help your body keep its elimination process moving along to avoid estrogen build up. Do this by focusing on healthy fats, fiber and water. In other words, what we call a Level 2 Meal.

By utilizing the above protocol, and many more like it (depending on the dietary indulgence) I work with my body’s natural metabolic processes, rather than against it. What you don’t want to do is stress your metabolism with a croissant and then stress it even further by skipping a meal, doing an insanely intense and lengthy workout, or depriving yourself of much needed nutrients by eating like a bird until you feel you’ve paid your retribution.

Could you avoid stressing your body by avoiding the croissant all together? Sure! But why? Life is too short to say no to spending the entire day baking homemade croissants with a close friend and then enjoying them over a cup of decaf coffee, thereafter.

Live life. Love life. Learn to know your body. Learn to know your food. Learn to know how to make those two play nice together. Finally, learn to embrace a few pounds of fluctuation without going mad or devaluing yourself. Stay in it, stay motivated and stay healthy in mind, body and spirit!

I’m always an email away,

With love,