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A Lifestyle approach to wellness.

Cocktail For Lasting Results:

SmartBurn Method

Our unorthodox approach to nutrition is the byproduct of 10 years, and counting, of scientific research, trial and error. We have studied the biological makeup of our bodies and metabolisms.  The reality of just how complex they are is staggering.  We are passionate about making nutrition simple again. Our Smart Burn Nutrition Method teaches you how to understand your food from a biological standpoint in the most simplistic way. We teach your body how to burn food again, and stop storing it!

Meal Strategizing

Say no to the Yoyo!  Our meal strategies are designed to build your daily menu in a strategic way to keep your body burning fat, instead of storing fat.  We have assessed food at a scientific level in order to build strategies conducive to fat-burning, metabolism recovery, metabolism balancing, and more.  We can do this by understanding the cause and effect of the food we eat so that we can control when and for how long we burn fat.  Weight loss and weight maintenance become a natural occurrence with our Method.

Smart Exercise

A crucial part to our Method is smart exercise.  However, our approach is VERY DIFFERENT from the mainstream.  After intricately studying our metabolism, we found that the reason we not only hit plateaus, but also profound, unstoppable backsliding, was due to DAMAGED METABOLISMS!  To see REAL, LASTING RESULTS, we provide you with a FREE online Fitness Studio where we post 30-minute workouts, which we use strategically with our meal strategies to accomplish optimum body changes!