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Bespoke Process

You love the idea of our Smart Burn Meal Strategy, but perhaps you have an incredibly hard time getting results and need someone to help you out along the way?



/beh’spoke/ adj. made to order

NO. 1 | Assess the Sitch’

We will set up a phone consultation with Roic + Bru Founder, Rachel Mansi, to determine what might be going on in your weight loss journey that is keeping you from your goals.  Believe it or not, most often it is not YOUR fault!  In fact, most often it has everything to do with hormonal and metabolic imbalances.  Balance is crucial for diet and exercise habits to work properly in maintaining and losing weight.  With one or more imbalances woman come under what is called ‘weight loss resistance’; a miserable condition in which every diet and exercise routine fails to exhibit any real weight loss. Once the metabolic imbalances are identified and restored using personalized nutrition and perhaps a few supplemental protocols, then our Smart Burn Method for nutrition and fitness allow for the body to return to a healthy weight without the common resistance.

NO. 2 | Build the Plan

Once we are off the phone we will get to work, taking everything we now know about you and start tailoring your perfect strategy.  Based on your goals and current metabolic activity, we determine the proper approach to our Smart Burn Method for the most optimum results.

NO. 3 | Implement the Plan

Our second call is set up to go over your Bespoke Strategy and workouts.  The goal is to make it so close to your natural tendencies and schedule that the switch over to this new lifestyle fits like a Dior coat.  Will there be changes?  Of course!  You can’t repeat bad habits expecting new results, right?  However, the changes will be small and doable, with plenty of grace built in.

NO. 4 | Check In

We will set up a few follow up calls to check in for the purpose of making any necessary changes, as well as, address any questions or concerns you might have.  We are passionate about rooting you in this lifestyle so that you can freely grow!

The entire Bespoke Process includes:

Personal Assessment:  1 phone call or meet up.

Strategy Development:  Built by Rachel Mansi.

Strategy Implementation call:  1 phone call or meet up.

Follow Up:  A total of 3 follow up phone calls or meet ups.




Want to find out if the Bespoke Process is right for you?  Schedule a FREE consult by clicking on the floating button at the bottom of your screen!  We will gift you Item No. 1 of the Bespoke Process and assess your metabolism to determine whether yours is balanced or not!