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adj. beautiful (be•you•to•be•full)

By rachel mansi on August 21, 2018

Social media was a great idea for connecting people. However, somewhere along the way, it’s become a thorn in our flesh. Suddenly, living a life of envy is far too easy, and without accountability. Somehow these tiny apps have the power to make us question our identity, worth, and beauty. We rely on numbers to tell us and everyone else how valuable we are! Girls, how sad is this?!

We are SO valuable. The very fact that we have breath in our lungs is due to the fact that we were fearfully and wonderfully made; which just means that we were designed and created with intention and delight, by a loving Creator who made us so we could experience a relationship with Him and each other.

As a business owner, I rely on social media to connect me to YOU! For that reason ALONE, I have kept at it. However, the current climate of social media has made me hypersensitive to what I post, what message I put forth, and how I manage my own identity battle in it.

When I scroll the Instagram world I find that I am drawn to those who post their mess as well as their perfectly lit, creative flat lays. I avoid any accounts that turn what should be inspiration into envy or a sense of feeling less than. Why? The former represent real life, and encourage me to stay real also. The latter represent unrealistic comparisons that steal joy and suffocate motivation.

I want to help destroy the lie that you’re not valuable unless you have a tiny body, big booty, perfect eyebrows, or effortlessly luxurious lifestyle. I want to rewrite the definition of beauty, luxury, and self worth. Doing so starts with the very simple truth that B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L should be spelled, BE-YOU-TO-BE-FULL. We have a long road ahead of us to rewrite value, but let’s start here.

True beauty is when you do YOU! It’s not always easy, it’s often messy, totally inconsistent, and completely different from any other Beautiful out there.

Take the challenge:

Let’s use Social Media to our advantage! Let’s speak value and beauty over ourselves and each other by celebrating “You” and enjoying the fullness of joy in that.

Step 1. Post pictures that represent what is uniquely You. Give those pictures power by looking at, delighting in, and dwelling on what makes them You! This is not conceit; the purpose behind this step is to get your mind off of the lie that you are less than “her” and to dwell on what is lovely and true about the one and only, You.

Step 2. Take the challenge a little further by having a close friend or family member capture areas of your body that you normally try to hide, ignore, or down right hate. I don’t care what they are – love handles, nose shape, birth marks, whatever they may be – I want you to start loving on these areas by celebrating them! This will be uncomfortable at first, but learn to love these areas, and it will start to show through in your snapshots.


Step 3. Use the hashtag: #beyoutobefull to post your pictures and beauty snapshots! The purpose behind this hashtag is to create a space for all of us to celebrate and be celebrated by one another. The Instagram world celebrates an illusion of perfection – a standard that is always changing – and the only reason we fall under that spell is because we see picture after picture celebrating that illusion. Let’s start celebrating “real life” and the beauty that is born in that.

Think about this: it wasn’t after the first time we saw a picture of a messy bun in a messy bed that we thought it “Instagram worthy”; it was after the millionth picture, and its accompanying positive interaction that we then believed it to be something worth celebrating! Our bodies, our lives, and our uniqueness are no different. Rather than waiting for Instagram to tell us what is perfect, let’s choose to dwell on and positively interact with snapshots of the things that make us, PERFECTLY US! Make that messy breakfast, undone hair, crooked smile, and silly little nose the NEW perfect! We can’t do it without each other though. If we want to rewrite Beautiful to be BeYouToBeFull, then we all need to do our part!

There it is, the BeYouToBeFull Challenge, you in?