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About Roic + Bru

We are a lifestyle brand passionate about promoting excellence in every area of your life!  


We meet you at your wardrobe to outfit you on the daily with our premium USA developed + produced line of active fashion.  Performance grade for your fitness; Attraction grade for your chicness.

Who says the treadmill can’t be a catwalk?  


We sweat with you in our amazing online Fitness Studio where we provide kick-ass, 30 minute daily workouts; we implement HIIT, Resistance Training, Cardio, Low Intensity Steady State + Endurance Training.

Rippin’ till you’re drippin’! 


We take you to your kitchen to reassess what you know about food + we will BLOW YOUR MIND with our unorthodox Smart Burn Meal Strategy + Nutrition Method.   

Things are not what they seem…


We sit down with you with our very own Bespoke Process to intricately tailor our Smart Burn Meal Strategy + Nutrition Method around you + your lifestyle.

We realize not everybody loves quinoa + kale; we can accommodate!

Fashion Fitness Coaching Nutrition

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Rachel Mansi!   I am an avid health and fitness guru, an abstract thinker, and deeply in love with all things fashion, fitness and nutrition. I grew up playing soccer and trained rigidly every day, year after year.  In 9th grade, my Dad started taking me to a nutritionist to capitalize on my training efforts with a good nutritious and balanced diet for athletes.  My love for nutrition and fitness began an infinite rise upward.  However, my health journey has been a bumpy one.  I fell victim to Hypothyroidism at 19 years old after attending a rigorous 2 year fashion course at FIDM in Los Angeles.  Due to my stressful schedule, heavy workload, and very little sleep, my thyroid gave out.  Not only was my fashion career being born, but unbeknownst to me, by way of my health battle, my nutrition and fitness career was evolving as well.  I set out to create a brand that encompassed all my passions.

Being the fitness-fashion junkie that I am, the day to day workout clothing available to me wasn’t making me feel motivated, fresh, or unique.  I desired more from my fitness wardrobe; gym apparel that pushed the envelope just as much as that of the runway. After all, who said athletic wear had to be…athletic wear?  Why couldn’t it be a look hot off the runway? As long as it was comfortable, functional, and allowed your body to move, why couldn’t limits be pushed on design details and silhouettes?

While I developed my skills for design, I also dove deep into research about my new health mystery and have continued to do so for the past 10 years.  After a decade of metabolic and hormone research, and tons of trial and error, I have unveiled a tried and true, DIET FREE method for not only losing weight but maintaining that weight loss.  The secret turned out to be no secret at all; no special pills, no special foo-foo mantra, no strict dietary laws, just plain old basic nutrition in the form of protein, carbs and fat, and understanding how to make those macros burn instead of store.

With that, Roic + Bru was born; a Lifestyle brand built to bring you unique fashion for your fitness wardrobe, freedom in your kitchen, and workouts that will rock your metabolism!

Ciao, Bella!